YSI 5300A

Biological Oxygen



YSI 5300A Biological

Oxygen Monitor


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YSI 5300A Biological Oxygen Monitor

Measures dissolved oxygen in cell physiology and metabolism applications

The YSI 5300A Biological Oxygen Monitor is ideal for a variety of teaching and research applications in the laboratory. The 5300A measures oxygen consumption and evolution in a variety of samples including respiration, oxidative activity, and cellular metabolism studies. The 5300A system utilizes Clark-type polarographic oxygen electrodes immersed in magnetically-stirred sample chambers; and it produces oxygen uptake or evolution curves in 2 to 15 minutes. This two-channel instrument offers simultaneous display, recorder outputs, and RS-232 serial output for monitoring and displaying rate curves during sample runs.


Typical applications


  • Biochemical assays and techniques

  • Pathology and toxicology studies 

  • Pharmacological studies

  • Intact organisms like bacteria, yeasts and molds 

  • Plant and animal cells or tissues

  • Cell fractions that include chloroplasts, membranes, microsomes, and mitochondria





  • Measures a wide range of sample volumes—from 1 to 8 mL

  • Utilizes Clark-type polarographic oxygen electrodes to assure a fast and stable response

  • RS-232 and analog outputs for data logging

  • Measures samples in air-saturated and oxygen-saturated solutions

  • Zero-oxygen calibration offset for improved sample accuracy

  • Two independent channels, each with display and output, allows user to run and record two samples simultaneously

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