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YSI 2900

Application Notes


No. 302    Sucrose in Molasses (26k)
No. 304    Dextrose in Potatoes (33k)
No. 305    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Potatoes (361k)
No. 306    Dextrose in Corn Syrup & Other Syrup Products (27k)
No. 307    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Sweetened                            Condensed Milk (35k)
No. 308    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Baked Goods (35k)
No. 309    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Cereal Products (35k)
No. 315    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose Utilizing External                          Hydrolysis (38k)
No. 303    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Molasses (34k)
No. 316    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Ice Cream Bars (36k)
No. 317    Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide (26k)
No. 318    L-Glutamate Determination (26k)
No. 301    Dextrose in Molasses (26k)

YSI 2900 Series Application Notes

No. 319    Determination of % Cook in Extruded Cereal Products Using                              Physical Solubilization (36k)
No. 320    Lactose Measurement in Cheese (26k)
No. 322    % Cook in Extruded Cereal Products Using Chemical                                        Solubilization  (39k)
No. 325    Simultaneous Measurement of Glutamine & Glutamate (35k)
No. 323    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Peanut Butter (35k)
No. 310    Simultaneous Dextrose & Sucrose in Corn & Peas (35k)
No. 324    Choline Determination (25k)
No. 311    L-Lactate in Lunch Meats (25k)
No. 314    Dextrose in Canned Green Beans (26k)
No. 313    Ethanol in Beer (26k)
No. 312    Dextrose in Frozen Green Beans (26k)
No. 327    Rapid Measurement of Glucose during Fermentation in                                    Bioethanol Production (46k)
No. 326    Rapid Measurement of Residual Ethanol in Corn Stillage (Beer)                        during Distillation (63k)
YSI Systems Application Notes
No. 328    Rapid Measurement of Xylose & Glucose Monitoring Corn Stover                    Fermentation in Bioethanol Production (172k)
No. 329    Simultaneous Measurement of L-Lactate and Ethanol in Tomato-                    based Products (66k)
No. 202    Effluent Monitoring (58k)
No. 203    Aseptic Monitoring & Control (53k)

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